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Light-bulbThe Return of the Masked Lasso

by Tonya Collins - Jul 18, 2014 Star_s1,766 views

The Masked Lasso is back! We will see a 9 mission map thread with 3 wrappers and  a Monday Wrapper. No build this time but we will see a new placeable item, the Lair.


-New Free Gift Crop: Moon Flower-3 new collections:                 

     *The Lair Collection: Drops Lair Imporvement     

     *The Vestments of a Hero collection: Drops Heroic Experience 

     *Jack's Blackmail collection:  Drops Jacks Reputation 

-New Healable Items :  Malfunctioning Gadget,  Training Apparatus, Twin Oak                       




Set I 

Mission 1-Enter the Lasso Lair

Collect Bonus on the Underground Lair

Harvest 40 Poison Ivy

Collect 16 Combination Locks (wall post) 

Rewards-Robo Monkey, Fountain Grass, Random Reward


Mission 2-Robomonkey Business

Collect 15 Giant Caulking (drop- cows)

Tend 6 Robo Monkeys (mission reward)

Craft 5 Soundproof Walls   

Rewards-Bayberry Tree, Red Clover, Random Reward

*Each sound proof wall requires 4 metal framing (wall post), 5 soundproof cotton (fountain grass) 

Mission 3-Gadget-Gone Haywire

Harvest 8 Northern Bayberry Trees

Collect 20 Hydraulic Wrenches (request)

Fully Tend 2 Malfunctioning Gadgets  

Rewards-2 Trigger Crops, 2 Turf, Random Reward

*Each Gadget is healed with 10 bizarre tool buckets. Each bucket requires 4 heroic intellect (moon flower) and 60 phillips screwdrivers (wall post)


Wrapper 1-Lasso Lair

Collect all 3 Gadget Animals (drop-malfunctioning gadgets)

Finish all 3 Lair missions

Collect 3 Lair Improvements (reward lair collections) 

Rewards-Smoked Buffalo Ribs, Raging Buffalo, Raging Bull

*Each Malfunctioning gadget requires healed with 10 bizaare Tool Buckets. Each Bucket is crafted from 2 Intellect (moon flowers) and 4 Phillips Screwdrivers (Wall Post) 


Set II

 Mission 1-Sissy's Big Break

Harvest 25 Runt Plantains

Collect 15 Petty Criminals (drop-trigger plants)

Craft 6 Lassoed Birds   

Rewards-Boxing Bear, Quicksilver Boots, Random Reward

*Each lassoed bird requires 2 flying chickens (chickens), 4 sissy's lassoes (wall post)


Mission 2-Lasso Training

Tend 8 Boxing Bears (mission reward)

Collect 18 Rorschach Tests (request)

Craft 10 Test Crime Scenes   

Rewards-2 Recycle Bins, Matilija Poppy, Random Reward

 *Each crime scene requires 4 fake blood (red clover) and 4 chalk lines (wall post)


Mission 3-Final Test

Harvest 30 Devil's Claw

Collect 20 Final Test Blindfolds (request)

Fully Tend 2 Training Apparatus   

Rewards-2 Fresh Grass, 2 Blackberry Bushes, Random Reward

*Each Training Apparatus is healed with 10 training pads. Each pad is crafted with 2 heroic intellect (moon flower)  and 3 hittin mitts (wall post)


Wrapper 2-Busted

Finish all 3 Vestments Missions

Collect all Training Animals (drop-training apparatus)

Collect 4 Heroic Experiences  (reward Vestments of a Hero Collection) 

Rewards-Animal Vaccine, Dream Boost, Espresso Boost

* Each training Apparatus is healed with 10 Training Pads. Each Training Pad requires 2 Heroic intellect (moon flower) and 3 Hittin Mitts (wall post)


Set III 

Mission 1-Jack Extorted

Collect 15 Tasteful Flyers (request)

Collect 15 Loose Blackmail (drop-black beans)

Craft 6 Photo Shredders   

Rewards-Undercover Chameleon, 2 Runt Plantains, Random Reward

*Each Photo Shredder requires 8 stake and leashes (recycle bins), 8 hungry goats (wall post) and 10 hollow top boxes (request)


Mission 2 -Letters on the Loose

Collect 25 Hot Gossip (drop-granny’s oven)

Tend 12 Undercover Chameleons (mission reward)

Craft 6 Fake Mailboxes   

Rewards-Blue Bonnet Bantam, 1 Red, White and Blueberries, Random Reward

*Each fake mailbox requires 6 mail posts (compost piles), 8 cleaning buckets (wall post) and 8 forged addresses (request)


Mission 3 -A Trap for Jack

Tend 15 Blue Bonnet Bantams ( purchase from bank, mission reward)

Fully Tend 2 Twin Oaks

   20 investigating axes

      40 heroic intellect (drop-moon flower)

      60 balanced axes (wall post)

Craft 6 Pitfall Traps   

Rewards-2 Black Eyed Peas, 2 Compost Piles, Random Reward

*Each twin oak is healed with 10 Investigating Axes. Each Axe requires 2 Heroic Intellect (moon flower), and 3 Balanced Axes (wall post).

Each trap requires 8 well worn paths, 8 leaf coverings, and  12 pit shovels (wall post) 


Wrapper 3-Jack's Blackmailer

Complete all Jack's Blackmail Missions

Complete both previous wrappers

Collect 5 Jack's Cleaned Reputation (reward Jack’s Blackmail Collection) 

Rewards-Sixshooter Boost, Wilderness Juice, Rawhide Gloves


Monday Wrapper Dastardly Duo (rolls July 21st)

Tend 3000 Pigs

Gather 40 Bootprint Pairs (drop-fresh grass)

Craft 12 Pairs of Evidence   

Rewards-Heroic Sissy, Caretaker Boost, 4 Moonflowers

*Each Pair of evidence requires 6 boxes of evidence (request), 9 criminal calling cards (black eyed peas) and 9 witness reports (wall post).

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