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Question-whitePearls peril Badges question

by Janet Reed - Jul 20, 2014 Star_s3,825 views

How come the amount of energy you use to get one badge is different per badge? What I mean to say is the first badge on a chapter takes about 2 trips to the "find objects" scene but a couple more badges on the same chapter takes about 10-15 energies??!! Seems like it hardly moves/fill up in yellow near the end. My last badge here on the French chapter seems like I've used 15 energies and it's still not filled up? What's up with that?

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12-em-plus add reply

Thank you so much for explaining that. It makes sense! Thanks again


Hi M. Mains, The game allows you to travel as long as you've met the requiresments of at least playing each scene. In other words, traveling does not require a specific number of badges, but rather it requires that you play all scenes in the previous chapter. So the other person probably just played the sixth scene early (after at least 20/25 badges) and then traveled on once the next chapter (level) was unlocked... as long as they had sufficient prestige points (flowers).

Where you will be ahead of the game is in having sufficient badges to explore new regions on the island. :). Most likely the other person will run out of room on the island and need to go back to earn those partial badges.


Hi. Wasn't able to find how to start a new question so I hope this is ok here.
I currently have 724 badges, and out of the blue there is suddenly another player in the group I'm in who has 50 badges less but is playing the exactly same level as I am. Does anyone know how that can happen? Thanks all.


there's 5 badge for each scene, and the requirement to fill each badge is larger since u would score higher as u goes up a badge. eg. my high score for 1st badge is around 300k, until i got the last high score at 5th badge around 640k each play.

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