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Light-bulbNew furnace and another free water day

by Jude Leary - Jul 26, 2014 Star_s2,671 views

After you build your new furnace , there will be another free one in the general store, next free water day may be on 2nd September 2014, still to be confirmed....

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12-em-plus add reply

Be nice if I got another furnace.....I have only one and the lvl 1 windmill took that one. Is this a lvl related quest or ???


I did not know that the game would grab my second furnace when I upgraded my windmill. Put your extra furnace in storage before upgrading your windmill.


I have just been given a 2nd 'free furnace' so now will have 3 furnaces on my farm, let's see if 3rd one works, & whether I get another 'free furnace' when I build the 3rd one!


If you got the pop-up for a free furnace and you bought the one in the store.. check your inventory there may be another one sitting in there as well. I kept 2 of the furnaces out of my windmill just in case a quest asks for multiple harvests.

Furnaces are supposed to be on a slow roll-out....


What about those of us that never got the new furnace?

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