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Light-bulbDancing on the Frontier - Dance Hall

by Tonya Collins - Aug 01, 2014 Star_s843 views

Mission 1-Fanny's Dance Mission

-Clear 8 Rocks

-Harvest 20 Basic Stills

-Place the Dance Hall 

Rewards-2 Wood Lathes, 2 Compost Piles, 2 Crop Ready Boosts


Mission 2-Put On Your Dancin' Shoes

-Harvest 20 Glass Roses

-Collect 4 Dancing Shoes (drop-dance practice or dance lessons)

    Healed with 3 dancers grace

        6 rhythm wood (drop-wood lathe)

        6 basic coordination (wall post)

-Upgrade the Dance Hall 

Rewards-2 Marshmallow Crops, Dance Lessons, Prancing Pegasus


Mission 3-Prancing Makes Perfect

-Tend Prancing Pegasus 12 Times (mission reward)

-Fully Dance 6 Times (fish at dance hall drop- dance floors)

      6 dance tickets (wall post)

-Upgrade the Dance Hall 

Rewards-2 Birds of Paradise, Contemporary Dance Floor, Lipstick


Mission 4-Country Cut Rugs

-Harvest 40 Marigold

-Get 6 Cut Rugs (drop-different dance floors)

-Upgrade the Dance Hall 

Rewards-4 Wood Lathes, Hokey Porkey, Eyeliner


Mission 5-Hank's Two Left Feet

-Harvest 60 Deep Frying Woks

-Do the Hokey Porkey 12 Times (drop-pigs)

     36 two left feet (drop-any dance floor)

-Complete the Dance Hall 

Rewards-500 Animal Hospital Storage, Dancer Costume, Rouge


Wrapper- Dancing Practice

-Complete 12 Country and Western Dances

       36 steppin boots (drop-completing dance practice)

-Complete 12 Classical Dances

      36 tap shoes (drop-completing dance practice)

-Complete 12 Contemporary Dances

      36 ballet slippers (drop-completing dance practice) 

Rewards-500 Orchard Storage, Eco Jacking, Crop Mumbler


Monday Wrapper-The Man with the Golden Shoes (August 4th)

-Money Dance 8 Times (dance –bronze dance floor)

      24 twinkle toes (wall post)

-Collect 25 Money Moves (request)

-Craft 14 Golden Suits

      84 pure thread o gold (drop-gold forge)

     112 weaved gold (wall post) 

Rewards-400 Barn Storage, Solid Gold Dance Floor, Squeezing the Stone


Build Stage One

 10 Metal Bar Stools (drop-compost piles)

 10 Tinted Windows (request)

10 Foundation Blocks (request)

 12 Hall Chandeliers (wall post)

 12 Classy Artwork (wall post)


Build Stage Two

 12 Roughe (Red Clover)

 12 Petticoats (wall post)

 14 False Fingernails (drop-marshmallow)

16 Fancy Garters (request)

Craft 8 Dance Hall Floors

   -48 wood wax (drop-worm nest)

   -56 well sanded floors (request)

Craft 8 Dance Hall Stage

   -40 pine slabs (drop-pine trees)

  -64 iron supports (wall post)


Build Stage Three

 15 Fishnet Stockings (request)

 16 High Heeled Boots (drop-hide prepping station)

 18 Feathered Fans (wall post)

 21 Red Lipstick (drop-radish)

Craft 9 Feathered Hats

   -63 fluffy feathers (drop-bird of paradise)

   -72 felt caps (request)

Craft 10 Dancing Dresses

   50 dancing corsets (request)

   60 metal ribs (drop-tin forge)

  100 shiny silk (wall post)


Build Stage Four


16 Travelling Bands (request)

18 Red Carpets (drop-red pineapple)

 18 Backup Dancers (wall post)

 20 Pianola (wall post)

Craft 12 Stage Light Displays

  - 60 colored spotlights (request)

   -72 iron piping (drop-silversword)

  -108 precise welding (wall post)

Craft 12 Orchestra Pits

  - 60 funky bassists (wall post)

  -108 brass instruments (drop-brass forge)

  -108 folksy musicians (request) 




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