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1 Level 88 1253 people
2 Level 98 504 people
3 Level 73 468 people
4 Level 203 427 people
5 Level 67 382 people

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Level Check! We have tips up to level 210! Is there an even higher level? Awesome! What's the highest level? Should be higher than level 210!

Light-bulbWe have DEMO gameplays of the New Levels in Bubble Witch Saga 2!!! [LEVEL 151 and UP]

by Mainewil Peetra - Aug 07, 2014 Star_s612 views

Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 155

 Gameplay by Blogging Witch HARD CORE GAMING CHICK LEA that actualy is supposed to be on vacation as far as we knew. But who can take vacation, when your deal is gaming? < <3 ;-) 


Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 154


Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 153


Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 152


Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 151

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Help, I'm Stuck!

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