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Question-whiteacaannot craft cup of coffee

by Wendy Hanson - Aug 08, 2014 Star_s445 views

I am sick and tired of all the new quests with no way to make what we need. Now there is no way to make a cup of coffee or kettle corn. Get with it guys. This is really making the game not fun at all. You will lose players and if this keeps up I will be one of them.

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12-em-plus add reply

This is a known issue.
Go to the following page and click on the "FIX IT ZYNGA" button as they want to know how many people are having this issue.


Yah, just like Fargrimm’s Return ? Quest, where they required more gold beads than you could get from the gloom tentacles. They may have reduced the amount required for new players, but all of the players who worked on it before they reduced how many gold beads it needed, are short and can not finish the quest. Did they add gloom tentacles to the market? No, did the make it something you could request? No, something you could craft? No. Oh yah it will cost you 30 crowns per gold bead.


just wait two or three days and zynga will fix it.


No se puede hacer la misión, pues las tazas de café no existen en las cocinas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAVOR ARREGLAR EL JUEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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