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Light-bulbQuick Farmville Experience

by Criss Moon - Aug 26, 2014 Star_s68 views

Planting yields little experience singularly but if you have a large feild it multiplies quickly. Planting also gives you the required money to boost your xp. Trees give xp when first planted, buildings give usually about 1% of their cost in xp. Helping your friends on their farms also yields 5xp per friend helped. The easiest way to find friends with help is to go to your neighbors tab and up at the top there is usually someone who needs help. This is shorter than going though all your friends if you have many.

Buy Buildings, and decorations. (Exp. If you buy a log cabin for 250,000 you get 2,500xp)

You can if you have enough money you can plow(1xp) and then plant soy beans(2xp) and then just dig it up and repeat the process. This cost 25 coins but gets a quick 3xp.

Helping Neighbors 5xp per friend

Trees yield xp when first planted.

As seen below if you lock your farmer in with a fence or animals where he doesnt move then you can harvest/plant without having to wait on your farmer..

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12-em-plus add reply

if you don't have enough coin and coconuts to start with belted and cremello, get saddleback pigs or arapawa goats. Plant your largest farms with crops, harvest, then use the coin to buy animals. Build the red craftshop as soon as possible, then plant ingredients for special deliver boxes and make them, which in turn will allow you to build animal pens quickly and easily with fewer parts requests from neighbors. Save your parts requests for those quests you want to do - I usually only go for ones that have nicer, realistic animals and ignore the rest.


hay bales make the cheapest and easiest "no walk" pen for your avatar. Fences take up more than one square usually, and animals are not "solid" enough to prevent escape.


Buy belted cows and cremello stallions. They give tons of coin AND xp. If you have the "old" dairy and stable they are wonderful, but if all you have are the newer paddock and pasture, they still are the best, quickest way to level. build a pasture, fill with belted cows, harvest daily. Same with cremello stallions.If you do not have hawaii shipping license, then just fill your HAwaii farm with horse pens. Fill hawaii ocean with aquariums and blue whales.

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