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Light-bulbThe Solar Eclipse

by Tonya Collins - Aug 27, 2014 Star_s1,113 views

Mission 1 – Crow’s Courage
-Collect bonus from the Sun Drum
-Craft 4 Solar  Signals
-Harvest 25 Deadly Night Shade
Rewards: 500 Gold,  500 XP and Green Lightning

Notes: Each Signal is crafted from 4 Rye Kindling (Rye), 3 and Smoke Blankets (post)

Mission 2 – Fire Starter
-Request 12 Painted Stones (Direct Request)
-Clear 12 Skulls
-Craft  8 Herb Offerings
Rewards: Ritual Reagents, 2 Iron Forges, Random Reward
Notes: Each Offering is Crafted from 3 Melon Offering Bowls ( Melons) and 4 Herb Mix ( Wall Post)

Mission 3 – The Shadow Follower
-Harvest 40 Red Clover
-Craft 8 Spirit Wings
- Fully tend  ONE Fire Belly  Frog ( healed with 32 tends)
Rewards :  2 Ritual Reagents,  Spinach and Animal Edibles

Notes: Spirit Wings are crafted From 3 Wing Frames ( Jumbo Canes) and 4 Black Moon Feathers ( Direct Request)

Mission 4  -  Frontier Encouragement
-Request  16 Town Folk Encouragement ( Direct Request)
-Craft 8 Frontier Luck
-Harvest 30 Indian Paintbrush
Rewards:  2 Ritual Reagents, Spicy Deer Jerky and Random Reward

Notes: Frontier Luck is Crafted from 6 Healthy Bodies ( Spinach)   and 8 Good Luck Charms ( Wall post) 

Mission 5 – Testy  Nerves
-Request 18 Wikiwah Courage (Direct Request)
-Craft 5 Solar Sun Headress
-Harvest 16 pawpaw trees
Rewards:  3 Ritual Reagents, Random Reward and Huge Hedge

Notes: Headresses are crafted from 9 Sun Dyes ( Mullberry Bushes), 9  Gull Feathers ( Wall Post) and 9 Woven Headbands ( Direct request)

Mission 6 –  Wind Talker 
-Craft 6 Wind Offering
-Fully Tend  a Moon Guide( Healed with 32 tends)
-Harvest 40 Passion Flowers
Rewards: 3 Ritual Reagents, Fertile Ash Boost and Random Reward

Notes: wind offerings are crafted from 5 Dandelion Spores ( Rubberroot Dandelions) and 6 Large Fans ( Direct Request) 
Mission 7 – Flow Control
-Request 20 Tall Water Boots(Direct Request)
-Fish 10 times
-Craft 8 Flow Control
Rewards: 4 Ritual Reagents, Quick Licorice and Random Reward

Notes: Flow Control is crafted from 6 Ice Sheets ( Freezing pumps), 6 Canvas Cloth ( Wall Post) and 6 Curved Boards ( Direct request)

Mission 8- Spirit Talk
-Craft  8 Eclipse Ritual Chants
-Fully tend a Sun Guide ( Healed with 32 tends)
Rewards: 4 Ritual Reagents, Espresso Boost and Pheromone Boost

Notes: Chants are crafted from 6 Ritual Chants ( White Sage), 9 Blank Soil (Wall Post) and 7 Ritual Treats (Direct request)

Wrapper  1   Crow’s Big Day
-Complete Mission 3 or 4  FIVES TIMES
-Get the Yellow Sun Snake
-Send 15 Celestial  Tributes to neighbors ( Crafted in the Sun Drum)
Rewards:  Moon Drum Deco, Eclipse Boost and Deep Fried Chocobar

Wrapper  2  Full Eclipse
-Complete Mission 7 or 8   SIX times
-Harvest 2,500 Horsetails
-Send 25 Celestial  Tributes to neighbors ( Crafted in the Sun Drum)
Rewards:  Animal Vaccine, Plus 2 Warehouse Storage and plus 3 Gallery Storage

Notes: Tributes are Crafted from 4 Fires (Earth Star) 6 Dust (Wall Post) and 2 Ritual Reagents (mission rewards)
Wrapper  3 Lunar Eclipse
-Tend all variants of the Moon Guide and Fire Belly Frog
-Harvest 50 Silver Vein
-Craft 14 Lunar Pies
Rewards:  Offering  Flame. Eclipse Boost and Peppermint Earthquake

Notes: Lunar Pies Are Crafted From 3 Pie insides ( Marshmallows)  8 Dipping Chocolate ( Wall post)

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