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Light-bulbStatehood - The State Capitol

by Tonya Collins - Aug 27, 2014 Star_s2,669 views


1.Jack's Delegates 
-Clear 12 Grass
-Harvest 25 Cherry Trees
-Place the Capitol
Rewards: Player Love Tree, 500 coins, Quick Draw Quaff
2. Parks and Attractions 
-Send Jack's Delegates at the Capitol 4 Times
-Harvest 25 Matilija Poppies
-Upgrade Mount Frontiermore 
Rewards: Ranger Rooster, Early Worm, +1 Warehouse Slot
 Notes: Jack's delegates are crafted and used at the Capitol to "fish".
3. Animal Rehabilitation 
-Complete 2 New State Departments
-Harvest 40 Red, White and Blueberries
-Upgrade Mount Frontiermore 
Rewards:mNurse Nightingale, Granny's Gut Punch, +3 Gallery Storage
Notes: New State Departments are found by "fishing" in the Capitol and are healed with 10 State Decisions which are crafted.
Each Decision requires 2 Firm Decisions (Bull Thistle) and 3 Frontier Agreement (Wall Post).
4. Traffic Control 
-Complete 2 Red Barns edit: need to get 2 different livestock
-Tend a Nurse Nightingale 8 Times
-Upgrade Mount Frontiermore 
Rewards: State Tree Boost, Traffic Dawg, +4 Warehouse Storage
Notes: Red Barns are found healing a Department of Rehabilitation for Frontier Injured Animals with 10 State Decisions which are crafted. Nurse Nightingale was a mission reward from a previous mission.
Each Decision requires 2 Firm Decisions (Bull Thistle) and 3 Frontier Agreement (Wall Post).
5. Back on Track 
-Find all variations of State Department
-Harvest 60 Spirit Flame
-Complete Mount Frontiermore 
Rewards: Honey Badger, State Tree Boost, +5 Gallery Storage
Notes: Variations drop from the three different State Departments which drop from "fishing" in the Capitol.
Monday Wrapper: Jack's Forum (Repeatable)
-Collect the Bonus on Jack's Forum
-Harvest Player Love Trees 3 times
-Send Jack's Delegates at the Capitol 6 times 
Rewards: Random Reward, Sharp Axe, Eco-Jacking
Notes: Jack's Forum is tendable every 8 hours. Player Love Trees are a mission reward from mission 1. Jack's Delegates are crafted then used to "fish" in the Capitol.
Each Delegate requires 3 Frontier Ideas (Pink Hedge) and 4 Frontier Knowledge (Wall Post)  
Building Guide:

Stage One
12 Rock Picks - Rocks
10 Scaffolding - Direct Request
8 Construction Crew - Wall Post
10 Blastin' Sticks - Silver Forge
10 Climbing Gear - Direct Request
12 Sculpting Crew - Wall Post
Stage Two
15 Rehab Weights - Popcorn Kettle
12 Massage Chairs - Wall Post
9 Swimmin' Tubs - Crafted
12 Pain Snacks - Catnip
15 Small Stretchers - Direct Request
8 Fixin' Tables - Crafted
Crafting: Each Tub requires 4 Old Washtubs (Tin Forge) and 8 Paddle Wheels (Wall Post)
Each Table requires 6 Relaxin' Pads (Birds of Paradise) and 8 Rectangular Tables (Direct Request)
Stage Three
25 Pink Tickets - Sheep
16 Parking Meters - Wall Post
8 Street Blockers - Crafted
14 Stoppin' Whistles - Steel Forge
12 Walk Only Signs - Direct Request
10 Free Parkin' Spots - Crafted
Crafting: Each Blocker requires 6 Solid Logs (Turf) and 8 Wagon Snaggers (Direct Request)
Each Spot requires 6 Can's of White Paint (Goat), 9 Painted Lines (Wall Post) and 5 Tyin' Posts (Direct Request)
Stage Four
15 Slow Down Signs - Direct Request
18 Warnin' Tickets - Wall Post
12 Free Parkin' Spots - Crafted
18 Street Names - Recycle Bins
16 Ridin' Instructions - Wall Post
12 Direction Dividers - Crafted
Crafting: Each Spot requires 6 Can's of White Paint (Goat), 9 Painted Lines (Wall Post) and 5 Tyin' Posts (Direct Request)
Each Divider requires 6 Grass Squares (Fountain Grass), 9 Brick Trim (Direct Request) and 4 Stay Right Arrows (Wall Post)

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