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Light-bulbBlitz Acres 25 wave

by Nicolai Nikolai - Sep 15, 2014 Star_s3,811 views

How to beat 25 wave? I long time cant beat this wave.

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12-em-plus add reply

Can beat one time, but hard, second time lost.
Birds with bombs - big problem


I don't know your kingdom, hero, and tower levels and upgrades, but here's what I do:

From left to right (top to bottom) there are 3, 4, 3, 4 and 3 towers.

far left (top to bottom) = soldier, soldier, bombard (dragon!)
2nd row = all dragon towers
3rd row = mage, soldier, arrow
4th row = bombard, soldier, arrow (or mage)
5th = bombard, soldier, arrow

Note that you start upgrading the second row first, then first row, then the others. Use all the magic spells and reinforcements you can :)

If this does not work for you, use a lot of arrow towers and tank the enemy with your soldiers.

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