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Light-bulbTeach Child Foraging:

by Laurie A. Adams - Sep 23, 2014 Star_s250 views

Teach Child Foraging:
22 tasks

Collect 5 dollies.
Raise 1 baby pig.
Make 40 meals.
Make 4 piggy cookie jars.
Collect 5 farm tools.
Gather 2o truffles. (Pig Pen)
Have child do dive job 2 times.
Craft 14 woven baskets.
Collect 5 toolboxes.
Have child do 2 town trips.
Have child do 2 tree care tasks.
Harvest 10 fields.
Craft 14 foraging manuals.
Feed 10 adult rabbits.
Craft 4 lavender pearl rings.
Super feed 8 pigs.
Craft 4 white pearl cream.
Craft 4 pearl copper necklace.
Harvest 50 carrots
Complete 4 orders.
Collect 5 wheelbarrows.
Have 1 stable trough.

And you're done!

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