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Question-whiteWhat do we do for the "builder job" for the child in the Baby Animal Care quest? This needs an answer for all!

by Anne Acosta - Oct 03, 2014 Star_s2,471 views

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12-em-plus add reply

The builder job can do any member of the family except you - your first child or sweetheart. And it counts.


i used my spouse for the "build" task. it is on a page by itself. you need to page forward on the available tasks page. i had the same confusion, and did not know that second task screen was even there.


Doesn't work. Had 2nd child look for parts for 2 different sprinklers 2 times each. No positive result.


doesn't work: 2nd child can't do builder yet. I build a sprinkler and a duck nursery. What else?


Build have sprinkler and have your child "look" for parts. Just make sure you don't have all the parts.

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