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Light-bulbBaby bottles and Horse Shoe quests nearly impossible

by Wendy Grimes - Oct 08, 2014 Star_s70 views

Zynga is requiring rediculous amounts of horse shoes for quests/tasks and the inability to gain baby bottles without hounding friends or paying real cash is rediculous. Forget trying to get them off game feeds because they are gone instantly, there is a 10 click limit, and for some insane reason after I collect 2-3 bottles in a day I cannot collect any other items for around 12 hours after. One quest requires me to raise four baby animals that require 8 bottles each to raise, and I have 48 hours to do this task? You can't even hold more than 12 bottles at a time...seriously?? Who comes up with this BS? The tiny little trinket charms require 10 horse shoes each? In what universe? I need 25 bike pumps at 10 shoes each so I need 250 shoes for what? a couple random items? Nonsense Zynga. If you think that making a task impossible enough that farm bucks are required then lower the price on farm bucks or offer them in exchange for the excessive amounts of coin we get and can do pretty much nothing with. 100 real bucks for enough farm bucks to finish only part of a quest is thievery.

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