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Question-whiteI want to restart farmville 2

by Carolien Van Aerde - Oct 27, 2014 Star_s13,213 views

I want to reset farmville 2 on facebook PLS HELP ME!

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12-em-plus add reply

I wish we could restart the games too.


One option for 'resetting' is to clear your cache in the browser you are using. This will force a clean load from the Zynga server itself. Good Luck and happy farming. :)


im having problems collecting cameras too it reached 20 and stopped


you could make a NEW profile and have a NEW farm under that profile is the ONLY other way I know of


I have problem with colecting cameras


If you play it on the Zynga site you'll get a better game. Postings appear there, so you can collect parts you need.


Go to the Zynga support page and fill in a bug report. They may reset it for you. There's no way to do it yourself through the game interface.


why restart ? there is other ways to fix it

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