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Question-whiteAbove the muck quest

by Deb Long - Nov 04, 2014 Star_s68 views

Requirements buy 1 sprinkler, fertilzie 30mspinach and harvest 6 wells. Tere is my issue they have us work for this upgraded water tower and once you get the tower you lose your wells that you had. Then they give you a quest requires you harvest 6 wells that you no longer have. you dont get credit for the water tower as even one well. This is crap and they want me to spend 60 fv bucks to skip it?

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12-em-plus add reply

I found a way around this problem I planted one tomato plant used one water and harvested my single well (which I had to buy) and was able to harvest only one water since the max was 30 then I did it again each time until I got credit for all 6 wells. porblem solved


I can't imagine anyone who will spend 60 bucks just to skip one part of a we all get stuck with a useless quest icon? I reported it as a bug so hopefully they will get inundated with these reports & have to fix it so the tower works as well.

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