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Light-bulbdoes anyone know how to actually contact zynga and get a damn answer?

by Julie Canamera - Nov 06, 2014 Star_s280 views

i've tried checking out the help site, and CANNOT see anywhere to go besides reporting bugs and reading more forum posts, and i'm getting fed up. i have a couple issues i would like resolved and it has to be via someone who works for zynga. i've tried reporting bugs countless times, they don't get fixed and i do not get responses. please send me to the right url! thanks

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12-em-plus add reply

You can still live chat with them on this site...took me awhile to find it but you can do this to communicate. Granted it they don't make it easy. Farmville2- help, support,


You can only contact them direct if you pay to play and am almost certain you need to still have farm bucks on your game at the time.If you do pay you can e-mail or if someone is on line do live chat. they always answer.

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