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Question-white"Accept All" button isn't showing up in 1-Click Gifts (Google Chrome)

by Robert Farmer - Nov 15, 2014 Star_s19 views

The Red Accept All Button is not showing up in Google Chrome for 1-Click Gifts. Snag Bar is still working just fine in Chrome. 1-Click Gifts Accept All Button is still showing up in Firefox. Did all of the Uninstall, Reinstall, clear cache, clear Flash, etc etc etc.. nohting... this happened in October on 4 different computers. 2 Windows 7 and 2 Windows XP all on the same day. Can someone help here???? We are now in November and still no change or fix.

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12-em-plus add reply

I went to Chrome and loaded the GU app. No problems after that. Theres two shortcut buttons for GU on my bar but it has to be that way. When I remove 1 the other won't work. So, don't delete the duplicate button. Just go to app store and look for the GU app. Install it and you will be able to use 1-click accept all again. Hope it helps you. I don't know why it is like that but it is. Tried everything before that and couldn't figure it out. ♥


"Accept All" button isn't showing up (Google Chrome)

Did ALL of the suggested troubleshooting suggestions. Nothing. Firefox is still working on 1-Click gifts, but not Chrome.

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