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by Marsha Boles - Nov 25, 2014 Star_s7,066 views

When you collect all the rewards in CC and still have time/days on counter is it better to continue useing all the tickets or save them for the next round? Especially if you have beaten the timer. Is there a way to start the next CC scene earlier?

Having many tickets on start new scene improves my score but, then I finish early again before time is up.

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12-em-plus add reply

Why hasn't anyone mentioned the 3 fake players that play CC every week making it harder for anyone to win in the top 3 categories? This makes me so angry! I have complained and so have people on my team but it takes others to make a difference! There names are Thomas, Iris and Pete. There are a few others like Molly...I can't remember them all but their picture or avatar is cartoonish and fake looking and their scores are always very high making it harder for anyone to win.


My first cc an I don't know how to get tickets


i think of starting over earlier in the game, but decided not to. i'm only a casual gamer, and im not spending any real money on it. just want to finish the game and move on ^_^
i never experience the ipad version (coz i got android), i do not know how it is different.mayb using desktop version give higher score, then u should try it :D


Again, I appreciate your comments. If I had it to do over, I would start a new FB page for games only. That would resolve bloating friends list.
I do suspect one 'friend' using 2nd person and mouse. NO WAY he can get 300,000 over your scores consistently. (hidden compliment there for UnGa) :-)

At this point I feel too invested to start over. Think I would scream if had to repeat some scenes. Was off line twice and had to repeat CC day one way too many times.


player v player. unfriend, it depends on u, although im suspicious of "scoring too high". some use cheats in Criminal Case game to have perfect score, which is impossible to do no matter how good u are.
if u got too many tickets to burn, of course u should use it. im not adding anymore so i dont bloat my friend list, but i still accept request to add.
2nd side reward (20 ticket), not the rank. the 3rd requires 50 ticket and im tired anyway to play 50 straight clicking game ^_^
practice using energy is a better idea than burning ticket


Thanks UnAg. Always appreciate your comments. More questions: I do not understand “PvP”: you meant rank of friends???
I am well supplied with tickets for CC because I now have 50 friends from the list. One has ALL regions unlocked, two have Brandenburg Gate: their scores are so high I feel like I will NEVER get top 3 rank/rewards. Should I UN-friend them??? (Only once have I been within 1,000 of your scores. LOL) On “Restaurant”: UnAg is #5 and I am #7.
I am getting enough tickets to open all the chests now and beginning to beat the timer multiple times. If I can’t beat other scores, I will never be ranked 1,2 or 3 to get those rewards. Saving the tickets (even 2 days) until next scene appears, improves my speed when I can play without breaks.
You “stop at 2nd reward, 3rd is too expensive”: What do you mean? You are out of tickets?
Polly: No, I have never achieved top 3 ranks. Or, have not since adding “over achieving friends” with killer scores. But, I now beat the timer and collect all chests. At some time, I have played a CC scene 50 times or more (hoping for some added reward) in the 4 day time limit. I can not recall getting anything extra for playing X 50 (same CC scene) after I beat the 35 second timer. Because I have 960 badges (corresponds with PP scenes), some of CC scenes I have played before. That helps too.


the target is to find hidden object as fast as u can. faster n more accurate, the higher ur score
period of tournament is to give time for ur friends to compete, hence the PvP tournament


CC is meant as PvP. reward on the side just to entice u to spend more tickets. the real reward is the top 3 players when CC ended, tho only the top player receive meaningful reward.
dont spend all ur tickets, keep it so u could try another CC if u cant reach the top of current CC.
i usually stop at the 2nd side reward, the 3rd is too expensive.


I guess you mean that you have reached rank #1 in the player list at the left (so that you are set to be awarded 5 energy, 5 cash and 5 tickets), but not opened all three of the treasure chests at the right, for playing 5, 20 and 50 scenes? I usually open the first chest for playing 5 scenes. Sometimes I open the second chest, if I have enough tickets, since it gives 2 extra energy as well as returning 5 tickets. I NEVER have enough tickets to open the third chest!

I'm sure there's not a way to start the next CC scene earlier, since everyone participates in the same time-frame.

Best wishes!

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