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Light-bulbPyramid Solitaire Saga level 1

by Jàlàl Hamzà - Dec 30, 2014 Star_s225 views

This is a new guide to trick Facebook game that I propose here with a summary of tips for Pyramid Solitaire Saga level 1 !
By piercing the mysteries of an ancient civilization, you will discover many hidden treasures. Pyramid Solitaire Saga helps you discover places of magic in Egyptian mythology as the

secret Tomb, the Garden of Osiris or the abyss of Nautilus.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga has-been quite the hit on Facebook, as one Would expect from King Any game. A mixture of Good marketing, word of mouth, and the fact-it’s quite fun HAS That ensured.

To win a level, you just have to discover the hidden cards in beetles, before you use your whole deck. The ultimate goal of this game is to « revive » the prophecy of God Khepri, the god

of renewal in Egyptian mythology. For those who do not know, the scarab-headed god
The portable game Pyramid Solitaire Saga is free and available now in the Google Play and iTunes. You have a choice, either tablet or smartphone running Android, or you have an

iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can easily synchronize the Pyramid Solitaire Saga from one device to another. All the features of the game is only available for players with access to

the internet. Windows Phone users are not yet able to play …

So of course, maybe some levels of Pyramid Solitaire Saga will not be available when you read this guide, but in this case do not hesitate to ask the trick desired comment, I will add


Pyramid Solitaire Saga level 1

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