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Question-whiteMoney?...I need more!!!!!!

by Julie Marin - Dec 30, 2014 Star_s1,722 views

How do I get more? (In the game ha ha) Are there any ways to "earn" some? Or do I have to pay for it?

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12-em-plus add reply

Now also get 5 cash and 10 cash when you complete the appropriate Vincent's collections.

Venting: Cash is very precious. Irks me when I am collecting coins from the buildings and I accidentally click to speed up building instead. I lose 30 cash every time! Now, I've learned to keep those buildings in the works away from the others.


cash or coins? coins is much easier; play the scenes OR collect from buildings every 2 hours. cash is not easily available:
2 cash when u complete photo puzzle (1 piece each scenes, 5 pcs to complete puzzle)
5 cash when u win gold medal (1st place) in captain's challenge
2 cash when u reach 3rd chest in Captain's Challenge (50 ticket)
20 cash when u complete Sport & Leisure in Edwin's Collections
random reward each weekend via Mystery Gift Box (follow Pearl's Peril Official Page)
random cash given when u play the scene
reward playing daily puzzle


$$$ - Oh yes, you can buy money. Just enter your credit card number and be happy. Sarcasm aside, would encourage beefing up your friends list with more players (note "ADD ME" tab above). Active players return coins to you when they play. Might add, I have "friends" with thousands of friends that seldom reciprocate by sending the free energy in return. While it is challenging to beat their scores, it does angst me they have such disregard for others that have helped them advance in the game. At least you get coins when they use the energy you sent them. Also, Wooga has a PP site with specials now and then. Some are one-time-only and others are time sensitive. Every little bit helps!

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