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Light-bulbDragonVale: Gold Dragon Breeding Guide

by Kiên - Jan 20, 2015 Star_s263 views

Today I will show you how to breed an expensive Dragon as the name: Gold Dragon in DragonVale. Let's get started!

Breeding Guide:

Okay seriously the gold dragon is quite a pain in the butt to breed. Tested multiple combinations and ate through a ton of gems trying to breed it but finally found a combination that worked for us multiple times. Check out the video below to make sure the order you have for breeding is correct. We think that its worth the pain of breeding though since this guy is a such a high earner. We cant wait to see if boosts come out to increase the earningfor this dragon. Plus, it looks super badass so get off you butt and start breeding!

Income Rates:

Level 10 Gold per min: 194


Breeding Time: 48 Hours

Incubation Time: 48 Hours

Habitat: Treasure

Opposite: n/a

Buying Price: 2,250 Gems

Selling Price: 5,000,000 Gold

[i]READ FULL : https://onclan.com/tip/dragonvale-gold-dragon-breeding-guide.Y5xdkpEfxGwCYheU[/i]

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