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Light-bulbMy responce to friends and neighbors who treaten to delet me. Feel Free to use it or change it.

by Casey Launius - Jun 10, 2010 Star_s137 views

Dear Neighbor,

It is not stealing, not to me. Anyone can join and it only reads my **OWN** game feed nothing else. Not yours Not your friends. It does not take items that I am not entitled to. I don't have hours to hunt for gas to keep my farm running. It costs more than I can afford to buy it with FV dollars. I am not taking anything that you could not take yourself if you down loaded the game bar.

I also use GU's help your friends app to track who has fertilized my farm. That is how I know when you do and I always return the favor. I always respond to your request for help. Can you say the same about all the friends on your list?

You have over 300 friends on your list. Why?? To make your game feed larger so you can collect more items. I have about 70 friends. Why?? Because I cannot fairly do my part to help a larger numbers of friends with fertilizing, building and gift giving. I have always tried to be a good neighbor. Do you truly send out 300 gifts a day?? Of course not... Are you cheating... Yes... you are cheating your friends by not giving them the same time and effort that they give you.

If you want to delete me then that is your choice, I am sorry that you feel that way, no hard feelings, just a difference of onion.

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