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Light-bulbwhy is this place down more than up?

by Kris Jensen - Feb 04, 2015 Star_s51 views

why is this site down more than its up?

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I have the same problems too. Every now and then I cannot post my links or collect the items I need. I have read that it doesn't functioned in Chrome browser anymore but it keeps crushing in IE as well. I really hate it now. Why both Zynga and Gamers Unite don't solve this problem with Chrome and other Internet browsers?
I play in Chrome and it was all well until a few days ago. Now I have to open IE to post my feed.


Same issue here. Not getting old, already passed the getting stage. Tired of the popup that never opens & the most recent post being ALWAYS 26 minutes ago. The site that was helpful is almost ( but not quite as yet) as annoying as having the useless neighbors that you can't remove.


Its getting really old and I am having to use other sites. Every time I come to post something another little window opens and then closes again right away and my posts are not there.

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