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Light-bulbSpellfall - Essential Tips & Tricks for Beginners

by Kiên - Feb 05, 2015 Star_s343 views

Here are some tips and tricks for Spellfall help to make sense of it all and get ahead. These Spellfall Tips can be updated daily so check back. Things can be a little tough for new players especially when all stats are recorded and shown publicly.

Spellfall is a match-three / RPG game from Backflip Studios. In this game, you match up elemental game pieces to take down monsters of every shape and size. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you survive the endless night.

Collect your daily free treasure box – Spellfall’s in-game store has several treasure boxes for sale. These all contain useful items, some of which are also very rare and powerful. You get a chance to open the bronze box once a day for free. Don’t miss the opportunity – you can find some expensive and helpful weapons and armor in the bronze box.

Collect coins from areas purged of monster activity – Visit the world map from time to time. Areas freed of corruption accumulate coins that you can collect. The amount caps quickly, however, so make sure to collect often.

Note an enemy’s weakness before heading into battle – Before engaging in a battle, you’re offered story-related information, as well as information about the enemies you’ll be facing off against. Some of the info offered includes enemies’ elemental weaknesses, which can give you an advantage during a fight.

Match four or more elemental pieces when possible, even if the elements aren’t the enemy’s weakness – While it’s a good idea to exploit enemies’ elemental weaknesses, you should make a special effort to make matches of four or more. Doing so transforms rows and / or columns into single elements that hit hard and often set off a cascade that hits for huge damage.

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Spellfall: Tips to Reach the Highest Score

Here are some excellent gameplay tips for Spellfall from onClan. I'm pleased to show you how to maximize your experience.

Spellfall tips to make you a better, more powerful wizard! Even experienced spellcasters have trouble learning a new system. If you’re running into trouble in Spellfall, whether it’s your first stage or your fourteenth, it can feel very frustrating. The key is to not get discouraged! Getting down on yourself will only cloud your mind, and you need a clear head to beat up all these nasty creatures. If you’re stuck in a rut, use these handy Spellfall tips and tricks to spice up your game.

Spellfall Tips #1: Be Smart About Elements

There are five different elements in Spellfall: fire, water, plant, cold, and energy. Depending on the enemy you’re facing, you’ll want to use different elements. Almost every enemy has an elemental weakness. For example, this Gobkin is weak to fire, so we want to cast as many fire spells as possible.

Bonus Spellfall Tip: You can see your enemies’ weaknesses in the level summary on the World Map. Check out who you’ll be fighting, then adjust your gear to match. To fight a Gobkin, equip a weapon that powers up your fire attacks. Make sure you attach a fire rune, if you have one.

Spellfall Tips #2: Make Cascades

Elements won’t always get you out of trouble. If you can’t get a type advantage, try to make multiple attacks in a single turn. If more than one match occurs in a row, you’ll start to rack up a damage multiplier. This can have devastating consequences for your enemies. Look for ways to make matches that will bring three or more identical tiles together after the first match is removed from the board.

Bonus Spellfall Tip: You can double your damage instantly by swapping two tiles that will form matches in different parts of the board. Shaking up the board like this can start a very interesting cascade.

READ ALL : https://onclan.com/tip/spellfall-tips-to-reach-the-highest-score.Y88OPQpQEyWGaF1F

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