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Light-bulbFacebook Fan page links

by - Feb 05, 2015 Star_s169 views


I recently started playing this game and I love it! I'm a facebook fan of Criminal Case and I've seen that almost every comment that people post are links that give rewards. Is there any way to generate this links? How can I post them too? Where they came from? I'd really like to know that.


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12-em-plus add reply

When you post something, go to your profile page and click on the post as if trying to accept the gift, in the address bar is the link you need.


Thanks Kolov but I meant on the Facebook Fan Page of Criminal Case. If you check through the comments you'll see that everybody post links of the game that can give you resources. Where do these links come from?


Once you level up, you can post an orange juice. At certain levels you get a rank up and you can post a potato chips bag.

You can accept 3 orange juice, and 1 potato per day. After being accepted you can send a card back as a thank you. You would need to send a lot of cards to friends in order to complete the 'May the luck be with you' trophy.

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