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Light-bulbI'm on level 121 and I don't have the water fields. How do I get them? They aren't in my list of upgrades.

by Tina Tuchfarber Dunn - Feb 05, 2015 Star_s233 views

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12-em-plus add reply

Same here, I am Level 140 and I havent got the new water plants or water fields. Grrrr. wrote to Zynga game 2 times, but no reply .


unfortunately that function is not working for everyone. i have tried adding them that way but all i ended up with was 2 fields (regular) fields that i didn't want to add yet. zynga has definitely oops on this one. i wonder how long it will take to fix it


If you have cleared the riverside, you have to be able to get water fields. I am level 80 and have 45 fields and only one water expansion left. The water fields and the ground fields have the same button. Just place them in the water.

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