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Question-whiteHello Farmville Players

by Sylvia Vogelgesang - Feb 07, 2015 Star_s97 views

I think this is my first message i post on the site

i am Sylvia and i am biggest fan of the game Farmville

I got some questions :

1- I try to finish my buildings with materials but i never got them, how do you do ?

2- i have try to request to friends but i never receive parts... What can i do ?

3- If someone have tips , tools , sites for exchanges let me know thank you

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12-em-plus add reply

Hi Sylvia,
1.Craft Special Delivery Boxes (SDB"S) - they will complete most buildings. You can make them in your craftshop. Other parts can also be made in the craftshop.
2.If the parts can only be gifted, then ask friends - but be sure you have space in the giftbox and you are on the right farm before you accept the gifts (by ckicking red envelope) Some parts will just disappear unless you are on the farm where they need to be used.
3. Use the snag bar downloadable on this site, it will grab items off your newsfeed for you.

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