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Light-bulbAvalon Wilderlands Chapter 5

by Claire Benson - Feb 09, 2015 Star_s163 views

Total number of bushels that will be used:

English Lavender Bushel x9

Fleur De Lis Bushel x17

French Fingerling Potato Bushel x8

Scarlet Pimpernal Bushel x12

Tansy Bushel x12

Wild Leek Bushel x29

Quest 1:

Ask friends for 7 Medieval Hood Harvest 80 Love Lies Bleeding (10 mins)Craft 3 Ornate Decanters


1 Tuba Player Gnome

Quest 2

Ask friends for 8 Peasant Boots Harvest 120 Fair Maid (12 mins)Craft 4 Blue Blossom Goblets


1 Medieval Wandering Cow

Quest 3:

Ask friends for 9 Ornamental Hair Pin Harvest 80 Good King Henry (10 hours)Craft 4 Wedding Flute Sets


1 Abandoned Cottage

Quest 4:

Ask friends for 9 Festive Drum Harvest 120 Ilex Berry (1 day)Harvest Medieval Wandering Cow 2 Times


1 Tree of the Middle Ages

Quest 5:

Ask friends for 10 HummelHarvest 140 Black Velvet Petunia (2 days)Harvest Tree of the Middle Ages 2 Times


1 Medieval Peryton Deer

Quest 6:

Ask friends for 12 Enchanted Jug

Harvest 160 English Lavender (1 day)

Medieval Peryton 2 Times


1 Gilded Pegasus

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