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Light-bulbWords With Friends: How to Win Tips & Cheats

by Kiên - Feb 12, 2015 Star_s39 views

Words With Friends: How to Win Tips & Cheats

Here are some excellent gameplay tips for Words With Friends from onClan. I'm pleased to show you how to maximize your experience.

Words With Friends is a Scrabble clone you can play on devices like the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or on Facebook. In the end the aim turns out to be very simple: get more points than your opponent. To achieve this with ease a lot of players try one of our word generators. In any case, there are generally 3 basic Words With Friends Strategies you should know before using our Words With Friends Cheat to help you score even higher.

1. Pluralize Words

Extending a word is a very basic strategy to get points for letters already on the board. Reasons might be that you don’t want to lose very many good letters for an upcoming move, you don’t have a choice because you have a lot of bad letters or you can extend words with q and in so doing get at least 10 points from existing letters. Pluralization is the most common way to extend a word (e.g. QUAD => QUADS). If you are intent on using pluralization as a Words With Friends strategy, it helps to look out for bonus fields. If you are lucky, your opponent has left you a word ending right in front of a double or triple word score. Don’t hesitate to use your S there. Remember that letters from extended words just count with their normal points. Bonus fields only count the first time a tile is placed on them.

Pluralize Even More Intelligent

Instead of just pluralizing an existing word with an S, one of the more advanced Words With Friends Strategies is to try to add a whole new word containing an S. Place the S-tile of the new word at the end of the existing word, to build the plural of it. If you see QUAD on the board, for example, and you have the letters to build the word BASE on your rack, you might place it so that it extends QUAD to QUADS. In doing so, you don’t just get the points for BASE, but from QUADS as well. The S is counted twice (once for each word) and you might even benefit from bonus fields.

You might get the feeling, that pluralization is a powerful Words With Friends Strategy. You are right, so use your S wisely.

2. Longer is Not Better

Playing a long word might bring you your opponents respect. Often you don’t even score very high with it though, because you might use lots of E, S or R or other tiles with a lower value. Playing all seven letters from your rack building a low-value word is only interesting if you can get the bonus of 35 points. On the other hand, there are a lot of reasons not to play the longest possible word. Especially if you can affort it, the following is one of the top 3 Words With Friends Strategies.

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Words With Friends: General Strategy

Here are some tips and tricks for Words With Friends help to make sense of it all and get ahead. These Words With Friends Tips can be updated daily so check back. Things can be a little tough for new players especially when all stats are recorded and shown publicly.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my Words With Friends page. As you can see, I'm a geek in many ways, not just photography. I started playing Words With Friends on my iPhone about a year ago, and I've been addicted ever since. Over the past year I've developed a few strategies of my own that I thought I'd share with you here today.

Words With Friends is a crossword game made for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android), and is based on the popular board game Scrabble. There are a few key differences between Words With Friends and Scrabble that I'd like to point out. It's important to recognize these differences because you might be able to use them to your advantage.

1. You are not playing face to face with your opponents. You could plausibly be playing against someone on the other side of the world!

2. A game is not completed in one sitting. It can last hours, days, weeks, or even months.

3. There are no challenges. When you are playing a word, you can use trial and error as many times as you need, until you find a word that works.

READ ALL : https://onclan.com/tip/words-with-friends-general-strategy.Y8o0PIST7fxazOM6

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