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Question-whiteHow to Fish?

by Abundantia Fortuna - Feb 25, 2015 Star_s7 views

How does the fishing boat work? Why does it always say boat is too small upgrade. Do you have to have bait? What does it mean? Is the only way to upgrade your boat to pay cash.. I dont understand the whole concept.. Please explain. thankyou.

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12-em-plus add reply

Check your inventory, there should be 5 types of boat.. 1) common boat, 2) uncommon boat, 3) rare boat, 4) very rare boat, 5) mystical boat..

Place your common boat 1st to collect common fish, when you reach 10 catch, you can upgrade to level 2, than place your 2nd boat to collect 15 uncommon fish, than you can place 3rd boat.. etc... follow the steps above to collect the correct boat.

You can click on the boat to see your progress, see how many fish to catch to upgrade your boat.

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