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Question-whitesnag bar not working

by Penny Blair Hesson - Feb 26, 2015 Star_s183 views

My snag bar is not working. I have tried re-installing, trouble shooting wizard and nothing is working. Can you fix it for me?

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Mine just started doing that too. The "Fetching" just spins endlessly.


Hi. Here's what's going on: Fb is making a lat of changes. This is why we all are having trouble with GU, games and other apps. Any app/game that is  dependent on FB is going to have trouble until the owner of the app figures out how to get their app to now work with FB. So I hope everyone will be patient. I am sorry for the inconvenience but it is going to take some time. Hopefully not long. :) Have a great and safe weekend.


the 1-click gifts is not working have reloaded and NOTHING is working


same thing happened to me when i updated firefox to version 26 on both pcs that i use. compatibility thing???


same for me spinning fetching button but no one click feature either


the same here. nothing is working since last night. did everything you did too, but ... until now, NOTHING!


Mine's not working either - that 'fetching' button keeps on spinning but I can't see anything happening.


Its not working, it keeps showing the same generic stuff on the Link Exchange as well.

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