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Light-bulbSnag Bar Posting Unchecked Items

by Jenn Tribbett - Feb 27, 2015 Star_s69 views

For some reason, the Snag Bar is posting all my links, even the ones that I uncheck. Anyone know why this is happening?

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12-em-plus add reply

Nope. I tried the tool bar in chrome too. It still posts items that I unchecked.


Oh there's a problem with Firefox 36 and the toolbar :( We've notified the toolbar developers and they are still looking for a fix. So sorry for the inconveninece. Chrome works fine for now.


Mozilla Firefox. Its the only browser that doesn't constantly crash my farmville2 game.


Hi Jenn, we just tested it and confirmed that it only posts the items that we checked. What browser are you using?


No, you know how the snag bar fetches your posts?
Then it loads the posts on this site and you can check, or uncheck items to post in the Link Exchange?

When I uncheck things, and select to post the check marked ones, the site posts the unchecked items too.


Not sure what you are saying. The snagbar does not post things. It collects stuff. Are you collecting stuff that you do not have checked on the preference page?

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