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Light-bulbThis game cheats on its rewards

by - Mar 04, 2015 Star_s1,118 views

Not sure how many have noticed this, but if you go to the barn and click to increase your fire (pages 13 & 14), the reward given shortchanges you. Example, on page 14 it says coal + fire = 25 pieces of fire, but when you click on that it only gives you 15 pcs.

I reported this to Plinga (game owners) on Feb.20th and they emailed me that the programers would fix it right away... Needless to say, that was 12 days ago and it still is not fixed.

I hesitate to play much longer, even though it is a fun game--makes me wonder what else doesn't add up on their site. Where is/was their QA before the game even launched???

Maybe if we all contact them they will do something about it: [email protected] (attn: Franka or Paula).

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12-em-plus add reply

It does not shortchange you. It says coal plus 10 fire gives you 25 fire. So you net only 15 fire. It costs 10 fire to get 25 fire so you think you've been shortchanged. You will find this to be the case with many things (especially fire) that it costs you some to make some.

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