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Light-bulbDragonVale: How to Earn Gems

by Kiên - Mar 19, 2015 Star_s87 views

- Most efficient way to earn gems is to give gems to your GameCenter friends and make a list of people who have sent you gems. Then, pay them back in the order they sent you gems. This way, your friends will be assured that you always pay you gems back and possibly send gems to you daily.

- Save them up!!! Like what it says on the Tips for Earning DragonCash, have a "Saving Week". An average player can earn about thirty gems in a week. Keep saving those gems up until you have a satisfied amount of gems that you want.

- Buying more expensive gem things first then buying cheaper gem things seems to make things easier.

- Buy the Dragonsai Gem Tree. Sending more gems to your Friends is sure to bring more gems back to you! Yet saving up 100 gems to buy this tree is quite a challge, I used the saving week method to do this...hope this helps!

- Giving gems to lower leveled people bring more gems because they are new and haven't got enough friends to give gems to. Perhapes they will eventually send gems back to you daily?!

READ ALL : https://onclan.com/tip/dragonvale-how-to-earn-gems.Y5wpqQnYjNrYoInH

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