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by - Mar 23, 2015 Star_s5,674 views

I'm not sure if I'm just a little slow, or I am sharing something useful, but I just realized that the Captins challenge is just taken from a random scene in the game. to get help on any current Captins challenge you need to look at the name of the scene located right above the picture of the scene on the scene right before you press play. Then Google the name of the scene plus "gamers unite" and it will bring up results telling you the chapter it belongs to. Then go to gamers unite, then hidden objects, then the chapter and you can find it there. Right now the Captins challenge is called Private archives, which is in chapter 47.

Also, you make more points if you locate the object it asks you for in order. For example, if it says to find "Apple , horse, shoe." Click on the object in order: apple, the horse, then the shoe. NOT horse, shoes then apple.

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12-em-plus add reply

No, top row first, left to right. Then bottom row, left to right. Then repeat.


So to confirm do I keep doing the left most item until it stops refreshing


thanx for sharing ^_^


I always look at UnAg Kewl's thread. He always posts the current challenge, and you can click the link to go directly to the scene.

As for order, that also applies to the regular scenes. Go top row first, left to right, then the bottom row, left to right for the most points.

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