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Light-bulbDragonVale: How to Earn Dragon Cash

by Kiên - Mar 25, 2015 Star_s361 views

This is a tip sheet for anyone new or old to DragonVale that covers many of the basics. It will show you how to earn cash in DragonVale.

* Breeding a Cactus Dragon is a quick and easy way to earn DragonCash since it can earn you 100,000 an hour, yet this is NOT the best way to earn the most DragonCash in DragonVale.(Note:Breeding and hatching a SingleCactus dragon takes 1hour total)
* Breeding Iron Dragon or the Magnetic Dragon gets you 1,150,000 DragonCash in total of 8 hours. This is so far the most efficient way to earn the most DragonCash so far in DragonVale. But wait, if you have not had a chance to finish your shrines yet, feeding/growing these dragons to level 10/15 may help you finish your shrines!
* Many people breed an Air Dragon for DragonCash. This is very commonly well known because it only takes four hours to breed and hatch. It sells for 500K so this is a quick and easy way to earn some extra DragonCash.Note:Fire Dragon bred with Water Dragon makes an Air Dragon.
* Multiply Rainbow Dragon and place them in your park. It earns 24K DragonCash an hour.
* Have a "Saving Week" in your park. Just for a week, do not spend any cash at all. JUST FOR A WEEK. You will be amazed at the results by the end of the week.
* Make more and more friends. Every 24hours, you can visit/earn Dragoncash from just clicking the "Party Hat". This is perhaps the easiest way to earn DragonCash.

READ ALL : https://onclan.com/tip/dragonvale-how-to-earn-dragon-cash.Y5wo23XMqJNWAV1T

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