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Light-bulbIs anyone having lockup problems on level 280?

by - Apr 04, 2015 Star_s170 views

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Here are a few tips to help with Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 280

Tip 1: At the beginning of the game, focus on hitting the rainbow cakes (8 times) to activate them and break the meringues’ layer
Tip 2: You shouldn’t focus too much on hitting the lower rainbow cake, focus on making super candies such as vertical striped candies, color bombs, and coloring candies to clear the meringues and hit the lower rainbow cake.
Tip 3: Swedish fish and Swedish combos are not effective in the beginning or middle of the game. The combination of Swedish fish and a color bomb or a coloring candy works well at the end of the game.
Tip 4: It's not hard to make color bombs and coloring candies in this level. Once made, you should activate it immediately if you don’t see the potential of coming up with other super candy. Note that combining a color bomb and a coloring candy with a stripped candy is the best move.
Tip 5: The 2 big bears are hidden in the first 2 columns, take advantage of the vertical striped candies. The third big bear is hidden in the last two rows, take advantage on horizontal striped candies.

If you have need help with any levels, email your questions to [email protected] to get the answers right a way.

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