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Light-bulbHidden Unicorn Quest (Show Jumping)

by Kiên - Apr 06, 2015 Star_s787 views

This is the second Stables Mission / Quest and once flagged and completed it unlocks the Show Jumping Hobby for your Sims.

As is often the case there is a timer for this quest and, if you complete the quest withint he alotted time, there is a special reward unlock. The Timer is 6 days, and the reward is a Unicorn Rocking Horse (seriously).

* Inspect the Unicorn Jumping Gate (5m)
* Investigate Horses (5m)
* Check Unicorns Horn (5h)
* Talk to Unicorn (2h)
* Call a Friend (3m)
* Call 2 Sims to the Stables (Instant)
* Laugh with Sim (5m)
* Investigate a Tree (10h)
* Talk to Sim about Unicorn (5m)
* Look for Unicorns on Internet (12h)
* Talk to a Sim about Shy Unicorns (5m)
* Read Rainbows (24h)
* Talk to Sim about the Unicorn (5m)
* Bake Rocky Road (12h)
* Call a Sim to the Stables (Instant)
* Leave Rocky Road for Unicorn (5m)
* Wait for the Unicorn (24h)
* Have a Deep Sleep (6h)
* Go to Stables (Instant)
* Read the Note (5m)
* Fix the Show Jumping Gate (10h & $50K)


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12-em-plus add reply

What does the unicorn do does it have another hobby

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