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Light-bulbMystery Box Shop System

by Kiên - Apr 15, 2015 Star_s806 views

The Mystery Box Shop is a new quest-based bonus system. It uses a wide variety of quests as part of the weekly series, the ultimate goal of which is to unlock and obtain the key for each week -- these Keys are very important because they are the currency that is exchanged for the special prize boxes that can be obtained by visiting the Mystery Box Shop.

Visiting the Mystery Box Shop is accomplished by tapping the MBS Quest in the Quest Box, then when it opens tap the Gift Package on the bottom right corner -- which will take you to the MBS. You will also be able to see what the current quest or Task is, and what your overall progress is for this week's MBS Key!

The MBS contains four prizes, each of which requires a larger number of keys to claim. These are:

Curiosity Box (1 Key)
This first level of MBS prize contains x3 Standard Prizes and x1 Common Items.

Loot Box (3 Keys)
This is the second prize, and it contains x4 Standard Prizes, x2 Premium Prizes, and x2 Common Prizes.

Bounty Box (5 Keys)
The third box contains x6 Standard Prizes, x4 Premium Prizes, and x1 Rare Item.

Fortune Box (10 Keys)
The fourth and final selection, the Fortune Box contains x10 Standard Prizes, x12 Premium Prizes, and x2 Rare Items.


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