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Question-whiteDuck Nursery stuck - won't work or release my baby duck!

by Anne Acosta - Apr 16, 2015 Star_s61 views

I raised a duck in it and put another baby duck in to raise. The old name is still on the nursery and the new baby duck can't be raised in it - it's not working. I am building a new nursery, but the stuck duck is one I earned on a previous challenge!! I can never get any help from Zynga!! I don't play on a mobile app (don't have one) and that seems to be the only way to get help!!!

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12-em-plus add reply

try putting the new nursery you are building in the water. I've had major trouble with mine and the advice I got was to put the nursery in the water. When you finish a duck it's best to wait an hour or so before putting another duck inside nursery. So far since doing this I have not had any trouble. Happy Farming!

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