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Light-bulbThe Road to Fame Teen Quest

by Kiên - Apr 17, 2015 Star_s1,559 views

After completing the Higher Education Quest and giving one of your Preteens a birthday cake you will flag the limited-time quest The Road to Fame - during which your Teen can participate (and as long as you do it within the timer in the game you get some awesome prizes).

Your budding Teen Idol as they begin the long road towards stardom and proving themselves to themselves and the Sim Audience that will vote them into Stardom!
To complete this quest you need to complete the following goals:

* Buy a Stack of Magazines
Even if you already own a stack of magazines to complete this part of the quest you need to buy another...

* Have your Teen read Teen Celebrity Magazine
Simple enough - have your Teen "use" the Magazine Pile and select Teen Celebrity to read...

* Make a Teenager watch Funny Cat Videos
To accomplish this head to the nearest computer with your Teen and have 'em start saying Awww!

* Send a Teenager to the Park
A simple trip to the park...

* Create a Plan to Become Famous
Once your Teen arrives they need to use the board on the pier to devise their plan, after which they will have unlocked the Keyboard object at the store!

* Buy a Keyboard from the Home Store
You can find the Keyboards under the Teens tab - there are 1, 2 and 3 star versions - and you will get the best results (shortest times) from the 3-star just saying...

* Write Music
Once you have your Keyboard placed, have your Sim use it to Write Music!

* Write 3 Pieces of Music
Now that your Teen has started the Music Hobby they just need to continue it for three more music pieces for the keyboard this part of the quest to unlock the next instrument.

* Write 6 Pieces of Music
This does not mean 6 new pieces, it means 6 pieces total -- as in use the Bass Guitar to "write" the three additional pieces that make up the second set of pieces, in order to unlock the Drum Kits in the store. Once you do that you need to purchase a Drum Kit for the next challenge and set.


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12-em-plus add reply

I have been on the Teen Idol quest for 3 months now (literally) & I still havent found 12 music notes the same notes keep coming up. This is really starting to annoy me can anybody help me out please!!!!

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