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Light-bulbReaching 650,000 in Pearls Peril

by - Apr 17, 2015 Star_s9,046 views

Stratagies for future frustrated players. Most 'chapters' have five hidden object 'scenes' followed by a last puzzle scene. Each hidden object scene shows five 'badges' (golden wing icon) that you fill by earning points. Your score is made up of a 'base' score plus bonuses for time, accuracy and hints. The base score is the important one for earning high numbers. For the highest base score you need to find objects in a particular order. The order I use for the highest points is to find the three objects listed on the bottom row first, from left to right. Then find the three objects listed on the top row from left to right. Return to the bottom row again left to right and then finish the top row, left to right. You need to do this quickly because each objects points are multiplied if you don't spend more than about 5 seconds looking for it. So find the second object quickly enough and that items points will be multiplied X 2. The third item by 3 and so on. That way if you find all ten objects without long pauses the last objects points are x 9. Each badge has a higher available base score as more objects are added to the scene. So if you follow this method you can get a base score of 454,000 on the last badge of each scene. If you add 40,000 for being accurate, 40,000 for not using any hints then you only need a time bonus of 116,000 to reach 650,000 points. You can do this if you find each consecutive object in about 2 seconds. Anyone else gotta stratagy?

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12-em-plus add reply

Thank you. I'm going to try this for sure. I have only 1 x managed to 650,000.


Having followed the advice in this thread, in every scene I now go over 650,000 points . . .usually on the last badge. I have also turned off the music but leave the sound on. I have found that the "boing" after I click on an object is a help to reassure me that it has been hit correctly . . .don't have to be alert then to the disappearance of an object.


I tried you way several times, and could only come up with 439,000 base points. But if I do top 3, bottom 3, top 3, bottom 3, I get the max 454,000.


Well, said. Thanks for the good description. I usually do the 3 in the top row first (Lt to Rt), then the 3 in the bottom, and then repeat. But as long as you get 454,000, then your way must work, too. Before I start, I scan the scene, so I know where the first 3 or 4 items are. I also found if I turn off the sound, I can move faster. The sound distracts and makes me play in a rhythm, which slows me down. My all time high, which I am very proud of, is 661,454. To get above 660,000, I usually need some luck; the items I need (in the order described above) have to be clustered closely together.

Update: My all time high is now 663,299, which I got on chapter 73 scene 5 (Capitol Interior). And I play with a mouse on PC, not a touch screen. Have to be very lucky and fast to get that high.

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