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Light-bulbThe Nature of Play in this Sims World

by Kiên - Apr 20, 2015 Star_s12 views

You cannot begin to appreciate or grasp the lives of your Sims until you understand fully that the parameters under which their world operates are different here than in any of the other games in the series...

Unlike the previous versions of The Sims, in this mobile world your Sims do not have free will at all nor do you have the option of turning it on!

They do not get ready for work on their own or on time unless you tell them to; they do not depart for work unless you are there to tell them to. They do not go to the bathroom even when they desperately need to unless you tell them to -- and proof of that if you needed it comes in the form of puddles of pee that a Sim in distress leaves wherever they happened to be when nature -- and natural pressure -- made relieving their bladder an absolute necessity.

It bears repeating and emphasis that when your Sims are hungry, they will not eat -- which means that failing to log into your game for more than a day or two might have put you at risk of finding your Sims standing feet from their fridge, but starving half to death. Fortunately at some point in the game tweaking the powers that be modified it so that there is a larger emphasis upon time spent in the game than time spent out of it, so you no longer have to dread returning to the game after a lengthy absence.

Still though, you should be aware that they will not even clean themselves, they will not work in the garden, and they will not play with their pet -- unless you tell them to -- because this is a sandbox God game!

Net Connection Required
Game play in FreePlay unfolds in two very distinct ways -- either you play it as a free-to-play title, which means taking a long-game approach in which you will be earning every Simoleon and Life Point that you use, or you play it as a short-game, which means spending real-world money to purchase the Simoleons and Life Points in addition to the ones you earn.

Either way, you will be following a similar path in the game, the only difference will be how quickly you arrive there, how quickly you level up, and therefore how quickly you unlock all of the game elements.


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