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Light-bulbFree Items and Objects

by Kiên - Apr 22, 2015 Star_s157 views

It is fair to say that everything in the game costs the player something to acquire -- whether that cost is measured in Simoleons, Life Points, Social Points, or time itself -- with the exception of a very small handful of items in the game that are FREE, if it is something you are adding to your Sim Town, it costs you something.

The truly free items in the game tend to fit neatly into one of three categories:

(1) Promotional Items: Items that have been placed in the game as part of a paid promotional effort on the part of a real-world corporation. Toyota has been heavily involved in that sort of product or brand placement in the Sims games, as has Ikea and Pet-related brand Iams.

While these items are free - that is to say that they do not cost the player any of the in-game currencies to obtain -- they do feature the brand of the sponsor quite prominently and, depending on how strongly you feel as an individual, therefore come at a cost.

(2) Items related to Special or Themed Events: These generally tend to be specifically targeted along a theme basis, though there often are neutral objects that appear in the decorations Tab and that, whether on purpose or by accident, end up left in the game and item catalog long after the event ends.

Most players consider these to be good things.

While the selection isn't huge, there are free items in the game for decorating.

(3) Loyalty Rewards: A sort of randomly selected collection of items - often decoration-centric - that are added to the game by the developers as a way of thanking the player for their continued and active participation as players.


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