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Light-bulbThe Sims™ FreePlay - Structure Construction

by Kiên - Apr 23, 2015 Star_s32 views

There are a number of construction options based upon the class of lot you are building on, or the type of structure (home vs. community lot vs. industry or business) and having a handy guide to the options for each will help you in deciding on your expansion plans.

For residential construction you will choose between Standard Residence and Premium Residence Lots. For Industry, Business, and Community Lots there is no alternative structure.

Bear in mind that many of these are level-based, so if your town has yet to reach the required level they may not appear in it.

Standard Residence Houses and Lots

The Standard Lots are pretty much just what it sounds like - the place where the ordinary Joe Shmoe Sim who has not made it yet lives. Oh, hey, don't take this wrong, they are not slums - far from it! You have a very nice town, so the Standard Lot and the houses you can build on them are actually very nice! A great place to raise a family - just saying...

The following structures can be built on these lots:

* Unfinished Studio - $80,000 (1 Day Build Time) +$80,000 Town Value
* Furnished Townhouse - $100,000 (1 Day Build Time) +100,000 Town Value
* Family Home - $125,000 (1 Day Build Time) +125,000 Town Value
* Japanese Retreat - $137,500 (1 Day Build Time) +$137,500 Town Value
* Neo Tokyo $145,000 (1 Day Build Time) +$145,000 Town Value
* Mansion - $150,000 (1 Day Build Time) +$150,000 Town Value
* Empty Lot - $40,000 (1 Day Build Time) +$40,000 Town Value
* The Sanctuary - 10 LP (1 Day Build Time) +$100,000 Town Value
* Dark Secret - 13 LP (1 Day Build Time) +$130,000 Town Value
* Geek Heaven - 16 LP (1 Day Build Time) +$160,000 Town Value


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