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Light-bulbWindmill, water tower, fields???

by - Apr 24, 2015 Star_s289 views

I'm so confused and out of the loop. How in the world do I get a "field" of crops or a water tower??? I'm really wanting a field but can't seem to find where they have them!

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12-em-plus add reply

I do have it now! I had to level up to 26 and BAM it appeared. Thank you so much for your help- I appreciate it!


you need to look at the blueprint looking spot on your in-game toolbar.. if you have access it will be to the very right (it goes "moving tools, Store, inventory and then the blueprint). There you will find: fields (which can be upgraded), groves for trees (same), feeding troughs (feeds all animals of a type at once plus get extra of the produce), the water tower, the windmill, the Animal Barn (increases how many animals you can have on the farm), water fields (get a chance at getting a golden lure for fishing) and the Barn (chance for a free animal each day plus misc. prizes of lesser worth).

You'll need Favors to buy anything in there.. plus coins. You'll need to be in a co-op to get enough favors... if you don't have the co-op yet.. you'll just have to plug away getting 1 or 2 favors for some quests, for doing the Market Orders and you get a few doing the build-able quests (the ones where you have to build a small building, collect whatever and eventually get a free limited animal).

Your level says you should have the co-op.. but it is on the "slow roll-out" like 90% of everything else so you might not have it.


Thank you for the reply! I'm on 25. What level does it start?


depends on what level you are before you can get those

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