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Question-whitethe piece tray

by Wendy Tafares - Apr 29, 2015 Star_s1,025 views

What is the purpose of the piece tray?

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12-em-plus add reply

I set up the game this way:
Select all edge pieces, arrange them in a square.
Invert piece selection, drop them in the piece tray.
Sort edge pieces for top, bottom and sides, and build the edge.
Empty the piece tray, and arrange the loose pieces around the edge.

You can also use the piece tray to store pieces such as sky while you work on the rest of the puzzle,
or choose one color, such as red, to work on first.
To do that, collect all the red pieces (e.g.) in the piece tray, select all the loose pieces, close the piece tray and reopen it, then drop the loose pieces in the tray.
Then you can organize the red (e.g.) pieces.

Hope this helps.

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