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Question-whiteInstructions for Playing

by Dianne Fox - Jun 22, 2015 Star_s34,169 views

Is there a site that will explain the various facets of this game; i.e., collections, etc. I enjoy playing but think I am missing a lot. Thank you!

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12-em-plus add reply

Abu, by clicking the "HIDDEN OBJECTS" tab above, you will see a listing of all the chapters.  If you click on the chapter, you will see the scenes from each chapter.  For example, Father's Room is in chapter 2.  Click on "Father's Room walkthru" and follow the walkthrough outlined on the right side. Hope that helps.


I cant get past fathers room


Ms Tearius, you are awesome. I just got a few people to start playing PP and tell EVERYONE about this site so thanks for bumping thread up and making it easier for newbies to find tips and help.


Bumping this thread up for newbies to see.


I think I read somewhere that PC players (like myself) do not have Darwin's Monkey Game at this time.


Dear Ms. Tearius, thank you for your extended informations ! Can you, please, give details to me what I have to do to unlock Darwin's Monkey Game ? I've started the game for the 2nd time, chapter 7 already ( on PC ) and still no sign of a new quest. Can it be because I still have 3 regions locked ? Thans for the answer !


Changes to the Daily Puzzle

This happened awhile back, but never mentioned here.  The daily puzzle no longer resets to 1 if you skip a day.  It just continues to accumulate.  Every 5 puzzles, you get a pink chest with a random prize, usually coins or energy.  And every 30 puzzles you get a mystery gift, usually more coins or energy.  Gone are the days where you can expect Pearls cash every 5 days.


Updated 2/6/16
Edwin's Collections appears first, followed by Vincent's collection later, and most recently Iris' Collection. Click on their faces to flip between the three collections. All have 5 rows of prizes (coins, energy, cash, etc). The 4 columns on the left (green background) can be collected by requesting for a delivery (one only per 23 hours) or by playing scenes (when you earn the blue chests). You need to collect a number of them, as indicated on the picture. The item will change to a yellow background once you have enough of that one. The 2 columns on the right (blue background) can be collected by asking friends to send them or by delivery request. You can select friends to send you up to 3 different gifts daily. Be sure to unselect some friends so that some can send you a different gift. Once you have collected all the items in a row, you can exchange them for the prize indicated on the far right. The number of prizes you claim (up to 3 each) go toward the main statue on the top right. You can continue to claim the prizes beyond the 3, but they won't count toward the statue.

There are 6 main statues to collect from Edwin and Vincent: 3 monkeys, a falcon, Anubis (dog), a cow. In addition, one of Vincent's prizes is a cat statue, which you can continue to claim. When you have earned the statues, look for them in the shop under "Special Decoration" (the gift box icon). The statues are worth 35 prestige flowers when you place them on your island and occupies 1 space each, except for the dog Anubis (70 prestige and occupies 4 spaces) and the cow (100 prestige and occupies 4 spaces).

Iris' 1st main prize (out of 3) is a lawn decor containing Beagles.
2nd prize is a lawn decor with German Shepherds.
3rd prize is a lawn decor with Labradors.
She also has a recurrent prize of Shiba Inu dogs. All dogs are worth 35 prestige each.


They gave out the Sweet Delight decoration in the past. Not new. I've just earned my 3rd. Not a good prestige-to-space ratio. Personally, I like the cash better.


I found what seems to be a new feature in the seasonal/special challenges. (Mine typically appear every other Wednesday.). The fourth prize (at 12,900 points) is a new decoration worth 35 prestige points and taking one square of space. Today my decoration was a cute little round display case of sweets, so it was related to the challenge.

I've read that some people save their fifth prize of a free hour of play to use when the next challenge comes out. I like to try to earn mine quickly and play on the Sunday following the challenge. I've found that the alternate Sundays usually have a special offer of an hour of unlimited play available to purchase for 100 cash points.


A common question is how to earn Pearl’s money.
Ways to earn Pearl’s cash:
20 cash by completing Edwin’s collection, Sports and Leisure
15 cash by completing Iris' collection, Flight Preparations
10 cash by completing Vincent’s collection, Travel Gear
5 cash by completing Vincent’s collection, Archaeological Equipment
5 cash for random reward while playing scenes
5 cash for getting the 4th prize (12,900 points) in the seasonal special events
5 cash for getting first place in the Captain’s Challenge on Wednesdays and Sundays
3-10 cash for playing daily puzzle (less frequent now, appearing randomly every 5 days)
2 cash for playing the same scene in Captain’s Challenge 50 times.
2 cash for completing the jigsaw puzzle at the end of each chapter
3 cash from Wooga periodically from Pearl’s Peril FB site (only authentic if the url starts

Ways to earn Pearl’s coins:
-playing scenes
-collecting coins from buildings every ~2 hrs
-Edwin, Vincent and Iris’ collections
-daily puzzle
-visiting friends’ islands daily (5 friends max.)
-Pearls’ Peril Facebook site (only authentic if the url starts
-gifted from friends.

updated 10-12-15 to include Iris' collections


I’ve been studying the seasonal events where one collects items/point for prizes. They are called different names each time (i.e. St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Summer Solstice, Aviation Day, Let's Go Camping etc.) Since May 2015, events have occurred twice a month. Each time there are 4 items that can be found by playing scenes: a 10-point item (appears most often ~66% of the time), a 25-point (~21%), a 50-point (~8%), and a 100-point (~5%). Points accumulate during the length of the event, which can be 4 or 5 days long.

Here are a list of the points needed and their prizes:
Prize 1: 1050 points earns 200 coins
Prize 2: 4600 points earns 10 energy
Prize 3: 8350 points earns 10 energy and 150 coins
Prize 4: 12900 points earns 500 coins, 5 energy, and 5 cash
Prize 5: 18900 points 1 hour of unlimited play (freeplay)

I have averaged 55 points per scene, which means one has to play about 340 times to get the fifth prize. Some people do it by having many friends who can give energy, and some just play as often as they can. Saving energy from the Edwin/Vincent/Iris’s collections is useful, too. Even spending tickets in the Captain’s Challenge to get extra energy can help.

Once you earn the grand prize, the hour of freeplay, it’s best to save it for the next event, so you can earn another freeplay hour, in addition to getting the usual earnings associated with playing scenes. If you repeat this, you should have little trouble getting the grand prize every time.


Another common question is how to add friends to the game. These are instructions are based on PC play, but I think iPad/iPhone is similar.

To add friends to the game, you have to add players to your Facebook friend list through Facebook. This cannot be done within the game. On this GamersUnite website, you'll find a list of people looking for new friends on the tab above labeled "ADD_ME". Also the official PP Facebook page has a lot of people searching for new PP friends:

Scroll over their name/icon and select "Add Friend." Once they confirm, you should see their islands appear at the bottom of your game. It helps if you let them know you are a PP player, looking to be friends. Some people will have set their FB settings, such that you will not see the "Add Friend" button, in which case you'll have to send a FB message and ask them to friend you, instead.

If they become your FB friends, but they still aren't appearing in the game, then try removing the game from your FB page and reinstall it from You will not lose your progress.


No site that I know of, but here are some tips I would give new players:
1. Buy buildings and upgrade them ASAP.
2. Save your coins to buy high-prestige (highest amount of prestige per square not per item) decor or you will run out of space later on.
3. You will need at least 3 playing Facebook friends to travel to future chapters for free (otherwise it'll cost you 5 cash for each missing crew member). But be aware, the more friends you have, the harder it is to compete for top prizes in the Captain's Challenge.
4. Save your cash! Later when it takes 5 days for decor to mature, you'll need them.
5. Visit you friends' islands for coins daily.
6. When Edwin and Vincent's Collections open to you, you can ask for one delivery daily, which I usually select the green-background (left side) items. You can ask 3 friends to help you get blue background (right side) items, but be sure only one friend box is selected; otherwise you'll be asking 3 friends for the same item, but you can only receive one.
7. You can continue to claim prizes from Vincent&Ediwin’s Collections beyond the three noted, but they won't count toward the statue. If you want to collect all the statues and are having difficulty with the last few collections, don't claim all the prizes, yet, until all the items have accumulated.
8. You can find more friends by clicking the "ADD.ME" tab above. Go to their FB site and click "ADD FRIEND." Once they confirm, their island should appear in your game.
9. Visit the official Facebook page "Pearl's Peril app page" to get additional prizes every few days, but beware of spam and lookalikes. Only prizes from the developer Wooga, recognized by starting with, are authentic.
10. Pearl's Peril is a free-to-play (FTP) game. At some point it will slow WAY down and you will have to decide whether to spend real money to speed things up, be super patient (it is possible to get to the end without spending), or quit playing. That is the company's operating strategy, and there is no point complaining about it.

Lastly, I just want to welcome new players to the game. Pearl’s Peril is the best FTP game I’ve played. There are loads of content (90 chapters with 6 scenes each), interesting characters and compelling story, an island to decorate, high-score challenges twice a week, and special events about twice a month (i.e. seasonal shops, special collections for prizes, sales). Their moderator on FB has been pretty responsive. Their official forum is located at But this site is my favorite, especially the tagged scenes put together by all the helpful players.

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