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Question-whiteDo all my neighbors in FV need to be a member of Gamer's Unite in order for snag to work?

by Chris Mendoza - Jun 13, 2010 Star_s147 views

I installed the snag toolbar today and ran it for about an hour and I still do not have items that were snagged. Now, I think non of my neighbors has this app yet (and that would make me the first to have this and that is the reason why I was excited when I knew about this) and so I am thinking that the item I can only snag are those from my neighbors that are also member of Gamer's Unite, can someone enlighten me on this?

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12-em-plus add reply

No,your neighbors do not have to be members of GU.You just need neighbors posting things.You may just not have enough neighbors/friends. FB lets you have 5,000 friends FV lets you have 300 neighbors.GU can only snag what is on your own wall posts.I suggest getting more friends from the add me button..
My snag bar works great,I can get 200 by just running to the grocery store for 45 minuites.

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