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Light-bulbnumber of contacts

by Amber Belvin - Jun 13, 2010 Star_s1,051 views

getabout 25 contacts it helps!
to do so go to the office click on the right side chat city pick a place u want to go and if it lets u in (some places r only availiable by how high your lvl is) . Pick a table (preferablly one with another person sitting there) and click get table. than go down and click on their card and send a card swap request ( some ppl might reject though).

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12-em-plus add reply

where can you locate the table?




1) If you look at the top right of the screen you will notice a milstone option, click on the option and you will get a list. If you hold your mouse over an option on that list another screen will come up on the left, it will give you some instructions. If you follow those instructions you will recieve some money, each task pays you a differen’t amount of money. The task shows you on the right of the sentence how much it will pay you.

2) Select an option on the right other then help. Once there press the help button several times, until a female character pops up and starts giving you directions and help instructions. Once on another page, click help and she will give you differen’t directions and help insructions.

3) Wait until the second day of registration, log on and go to your email. There you will find emails for auditions.

4) If your star/s is/are on drugs. Than give them theropy. To give them theropy make them practice it by adding it to their timeline. To find your star’s timeline go to your star’s page. Below your star’s picture and above the clothes, car and house option are two options, click on the left one and there you will find the options, select theropy and any other one you want(on the right of the page) and then drag it onto your timeline and your star will automatically practice it.

5) One day in the game is a full 24 hours in real life.

6) You will need a star and you can have more then one.

7) To find your star’s page then click on the office option on the right and the your star’s page will load automatically.

To meet new people go to a bar.

9) Go to a bar and sit at a table with another/other person/people and click on the other person. Click trade cards and wait for them to accept. If they accept then go to your contacts and you will see there card there.

10) To purchase clothing or view your star’s clothing than go to your star’s page. Select the clothes option. On the left of the page you will find two options, select either and the page will automatically load to that page.

More at: --->

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